1. Warning: Be careful when book tours, ticket, ect... with Travel Agency in Hanoi
Nowadays, In Hanoi Old Quarter there are many Travel agencies pop up to selling tours & tickets. But they only copy name of some reliable Travel Agencies in Vietnam or on the World. A lot of travel offices like these are opened in Old Quarter area to sell tours, ticket,...etc to customers.
These agents try to offer the tours, tickets to customer at any ways to get commission. After that they don’t care who are you or whatever, they just care however they can get biggest commission from your trips or your ticket and then they will change every thing they said before even the name of their agencies, they always change many times every years. So you should be careful with them.

Same problem with some Online Travel Companies or Travel Agencies on Internet, they are working by Internet Online but they working same only different they sell on Internet online and then they make same thing with many Travel Agency in Hanoi we said above.

So how to avoid above problems?
* Solution 1: You should look for and check the Tours, tickets, etc... with the hotel you made booked room in there. They can help you to organize any Tours or Travel arrangements or even make plan travel for you when you travelling in Vietnam and make package tour with small group was excellent, amazing, very cheap price package. The hotel can ensure about Quality and also Good price for every things they made and they will make same What they recommended and said.
Because you know Which real good hotel? They have to good service and good job for organize the Tours or Travel arrangements and they have to working on Internet online with many famous website with many good reviews from their customers stayed in there so the hotel have to take care to all their customers and they want to make their customers happy and satisfied with them and they hope you have to come back their hotel and stay there again or you will recommend their hotel for your friends come to stay there.

2. A few tips about Airport Taxi in Hanoi:
- For those of you arriving via Hanoi International Airport we highly recommend organizing an airport pick up. No, it is not free but you will avoid the hassels of being taken to another hotel which will tell you that the hotel is full/closed down/or was knocked down by an act of God.
So after booking, please let us know of your flight details via our email, so we can arrange your transport.

- If you don’t want to arrange the pick up at the airport with us, please make sure that the driver takes you to our hotel (located in 2 Hoi Vu street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi), you also need to negotiate the price in advance, if not they may overcharged you, or even take you to an other hotel to get the commission. You should pay for the driver when you arrive safety at the hotel.

- If you catch taxi by yourself you should ask driver how much before you go, because many taxi they take you around round or their taxi meter run so quick. Price of Taxi meter in Vietnam: around 10.000 Vietnam Dong per Kilometer (0.6USD $/Km)

- Hanoi Lotus Boutique Hotel is becoming very popular within the circle of tourists and travelers owning to its outstanding location, elegant decoration, top quality services and facilities served by the professional staff. That results to many recommendations from one traveler to another visiting Hanoi to come to our hotels.

However, some travelers reportedly had trouble with the taxi transportation from Hanoi Airport (Noi Bai) to Hanoi Lotus Boutique Hotel. Sometimes the driver purposely tried to scam guests by sending them to a certain hotel with an inconspicuous signs. There, upon arriving, some man quickly came out, with a Hanoi Lotus Boutique Hotel card in hand and told the passengers that they did arrive at Hanoi Lotus Boutique Hotel but it was full at the moment. He then said that they had a "sister hotel" just a few blocks away. Then, passengers are sent to a different hotel of lower standard where the driver gets some commissions from that hotel owner. No one can eventually guarantee the service of the latter hotel, or predict what scam will come next.

As such, it is highly advisable that every traveler to Hanoi in general and to Hanoi Lotus Boutique Hotel in particular should be alert not to totally depend on either the taxi driver or hotel staff that he recommends. Instead, it should be required that the street and hotel signs be pointed out to the traveler by the driver so that one knows whether s/he is being transferred to the right hotel.

As our private airport transfers are available, we recommend our guests to take further preventive measure by contacting us in advance at the below address for our airport pickup service.